Friday, March 18, 2011

Focus Factor - March 15-16, 2011

General: (March 15) -  Busy times. Tuesday was a school day, i took the 4 tablets without coffee which i usually drink before school. The school day went as normal I felt well energized and was never struck with sleepiness as i normally would. Actually got down to playing a new game for a while which has not happened in a long time.
(March 16) - Even busier. Spent a lot of time with friends so my mind was not concentrating on the affects of the tablets. I took 4 tablets again later in the day without coffee. I felt well this day, not as energized as Tuesday but i did not feel sleepy or tired through the day. I spent some time learning to deal craps this day, I did not feel any extra cognitive energy when learning.

Feelings: (March 15) - More energy than normal, small increase in focus but generally normal.
(March 16) - Not as much energy as the 15th no felt increase in cognation 

Adverse Effects: None, the small headache that was felt the first day was not present at any time during these days.

Attitude: No change generally. I felt a little more effected by things around me. Slight increase in sensitivity of feelings.

Nootropics Tested 

(March 15) Focus Factor - 4 tablets (8am)  
(March 16) Focus Factor - 4 tablets (1pm)

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