Monday, March 14, 2011

Focus Factor - March 14, 2011

General: I have heard of this brand before and had tried a sample before, it had worked well so i decided to try this out for my first test. Now i started this day a bit late but i took them by 12am. The recommended amount is 4 tablets, this seems like a lot and i am not the best at taking pills of any kind so this was quite difficult. I managed to take 3 and thought that was sufficient for the first day. This brand has many ingredients quite an extensive list, some i know and others i don't. It includes DMAE and DHA so good fish ingredients also includes choline and vitamins B6, B12. This thing has over 20 ingredients so i found it interesting enough to try but the high amounts of ingredients mean you need to take many tablets which is a downfall for me.

Feelings: I did not notice any out of place or new feelings during the day, though i did not feel as tired as i usually do.

Adverse Affects: Shortly after taking the tablets i felt a small headache, this headache was very minor barely even there but it was still present and did not cause any other problems.

Attitude: Did not feel a change in my attitude neither was it mentioned by my family

Focus: Neither good nor bad, i did manage to finish a school project but i did not feel any more focus than normal

Nootropics Tested 
Focus Factor - 3 tablets  (12am)

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