Friday, March 11, 2011

The Control - March 9-10, 2011

     The 9th which was a Wednesday was a difficult one, i had a paper to finish or should i say start. My concentration was horrible it took me till 4am to finish the thing i had procrastinated like crazy until that point. The difficulty of concentrating was his frustration of my mind completely rejecting the idea of doing the work so i was seeking something else to do, yet there was nothing else that i could do to since i was so bored of everything around me. It felt like a building pressure in my core similar to when i conserve my anger.
     I managed to finish my paper and get it all turned in, now being the 10th it was a school day and i had only had 1-2 hours of sleep i believed the day was going to be extremely difficult to get through. Some of my pills had arrived early and i thought it would be a good day to try some of them out since i would need something to get me through the day. In the morning i took a 500mg L-carnintine with coffee then while in school i took 1600mg piracetam, this combo must have worked since i did not feel tired whatsoever during school as well as any time afterwards when i mostly take a nap. My mood seemed slightly effected as i was in a more upbeat mood with less worries.
     Hopefully by tomorrow i will list all the vitamins and pills i have and the order i plan on taking them, and my project would begin on the planned Monday March 14.

Nootropics tested
  • L-Carnitine -- 500mg
  • Piracetam -- 1600mg
  • Caffeine -- 1 cup of coffee

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