Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Perspectives

I have had a lot of time to try various nootropics on my time off. Not only this but i had many friends and family try out the nootropics as well. In the end i had 5 people try out diffrent types and quantities of the various nootopics i was taking as well.
     Person one was resilient, i had him take piracetam with choline about three times in total. The first time he said he felt no difference and i noticed no change in his mood. The second time he took it before drinking a full 4 loko and still no significant change. And the last time he took 4 piracetam 1 choline a picamilon as well ad a carnitine, i wasn't with him to notice any change but he reported no real changes.
     Person two only took 1 piracetam and 1 choline, she didn't have any change during the day, but reported the next day that she had suffered vivid nightmares which was not normal as she hardly ever remembers her dreams.
     Person three took piracetam twice, the first time i only spent a short time with him and saw no real change but he said he did feel a change in vision. The second time he took 4 piracetam and 1 choline, he said he noticed a change in vision and felt different, i did not get a chance to get much of a detailed report on the second attempt.
     Person four Took piracetam one time before drinking, he reported that while drinking he generally felt in a much better mood than normal.
     Lastly Person five was most affected by piracetam. He took it the first time before drinking and i noticed first hand that he was highly effected by the alcohol as he was very drunk and more emotionally sensitive. the second time he took it before smoking and said he felt very dizzy and nausea afterward.
     I myself have been taking many types of nootropics and have generally been increasing the dosage, the most i have taken was 4 piracetam 2 choline 4 aniracetam 1 carnitine and 1 tyrosine. Overall i have not felt any huge difference in focus or view of colors as reported by others taking the medication. I have had a change in energy throughout the day without feeling over energized or restless.
     I plan on updating more often as i have now order some of what i would assume as controversial medications, these are iq150 and welltabs. Some have seen welltabs on TV and might be curious so i decided to try these out and give an honest opinion on each one. One thing to note is that if you do buy the free samples of these medications is that they lock you into a monthly plan once you order the 2 week sample so make sure to cancel if not satisfied.
     So let me know what you guys think and i will be sure to keep this up to date, look forward to seeing the effects and giving an honest opinion.


  1. But you're not supposed to take this stuff only for a day. Their effects are cumulative - or so others, I presume smarter & more experienced say. Why would you turn yourself into a human guinea pig anyway??

  2. Yes it is true the more you take it the stronger the effects, or at least that is what i have heard. I wanted to be the guinea pig because the whole science and actual effective use of nnotropics is not clearly documented.
    And really why not, i try some things give an honest opinion and maybe help someone else out down the line, win win situation.

  3. I'm partial to caffeine and B12 myself. Interesting blog! Check out my music blog if you like